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Welcome to SenSyr, LLC

TNG-3B Relay Sensor UPB

At SenSyr, our primary focus is on the interaction of humans with computers. SenSyr is the principal distributor of the TNG-3B interface device, and the developer of many innovative general-purpose and custom sensors and interfaces.

SenSyr is a custom electronics design, software, and systems integration company. This includes analog and digital electronic design, printed circuit board layout, firmware, and other programming (LabVIEW, C, C++, PIC assembly language, etc.). SenSyr LLC is particularly skilled in designs using Microchip's PIC microcontrollers. LabVIEW programming is also a specialty. SenSyr has extensive experience in biomedical and other research areas. SenSyr can take your idea from prototype to production.

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NeatTools is an object-oriented visual programming environment developed by MindTel, LLC and is available as freeware ( NeatTools is now also an open-source software project ( SenSyr's TNG-3B interface is supported by NeatTools.

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