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Sensor Kit for TNG-3B Sensor Kit for TNG-3B
Standard kit of six individual TNG-3B compatible sensors. Kit includes a bend sensor, pressure sensor, rotary potentiome…
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Bend Sensor Bend Sensor
This sensor changes its resistance with increasing bend angle. The resistance change is only present when bent in one di…
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Pressure Sensor Pressure Sensor
This sensor changes resistance as force is applied (0 to 100 grams). The sensor element is comprised of 3M Velostat&trad…
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Rotary Potentiometer Rotary Potentiometer
The rotary potentiometer changes its resistance linearly with angular position. The rotary potentiometer has a nominal r…
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Slide Potentiometer Slide Potentiometer
The slide potentiometer changes its resistance linearly with position. The slide potentiometer has about 60 mm (2.3 inch…
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Photocell Photocell
The photocell sensor uses a cadmium sulfide (CdS) light-sensitive device that exhibits a change in resistance with light…
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Tact Switch Tact Switch
This device uses a SPST, normally-open, short-throw momentary switch to change a TNG-3B digital input from a logic high …
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.5" Round FSR (force-sensitive resistor) .5" Round FSR (force-sensitive resistor)
This sensor responds to applied force (100 to 1000 gram range). Individual Sensor Information Example Programs…
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Silicon Photodiode Silicon Photodiode
OP999 Silicon photodiode sensor. TNG-3B compatible cable. Output increases with light level.…
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2-axis Accelerometer (tilt sensor) 2-axis Accelerometer (tilt sensor)
The 2-axis, ±1g accelerometer measures tilt or acceleration simultaneously along two orthogonal axes. The sensor …
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