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Company Policy
Warranty Information
Usage Policy
Medical Usage / Life Support Policy
Privacy Policy
Discount Policy
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Warranty Information

SenSyr, LLC offers an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our products, you may return them within two months from the date on the invoice, for a full refund (minus any shipping & handling charges). If you decide to return a product, please contact us to get a return authorization.

If the product fails after the initial 60 days, SenSyr will repair or replace (at SenSyr's discretion) the product for a $25 service charge. This warranty is valid for one year, starting from the date on the invoice. Prior to returning any product, please contact us to get return authorization.

SenSyr is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

New York State law applies to all SenSyr transactions and products.

Usage Policy

SenSyr, LLC is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from the intentional or unintentional use or misuse of our products beyond our responsibilities resulting from a product or manufacturing defect. SenSyr, LLC limits such damage or loss to the replacement cost of the product for a period of one year from the invoice date.

In other words, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to insure that this or any product is used in a suitable, safe, and sane way consistent with the product's intended use and capabilities. SenSyr is more than happy to assist customers with their applications. Send us an e-mail at

Medical Usage / Life Support Policy

As a general policy, SenSyr, LLC does not recommend the use of any of its products in any of the following: (a) life support applications where the failure or malfunction of the SenSyr product can be reasonably expected to cause failure of the life support device or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness; (b) any use where a SenSyr product is electrically connected to any person or animal without additional and proper electrical isolation and grounding designed and certified to prevent the possibility of an electrical hazard; or (c) any nuclear facility where the failure or malfunction of a SenSyr product would present any potential harm to personnel or public safety.

SenSyr will not knowingly sell its products for use in such applications unless it receives an adequate “products liability indemnification insurance agreement,” satisfactory to SenSyr, stating that the risks of injury or damage have been minimized, that the customer assumes all such risks, and that the liability of SenSyr is adequately covered in the customer’s insurance policy.

Examples of devices considered to be life support devices are neonatal oxygen analyzers, nerve stimulators (for any use), autotransfusion devices, blood pumps, defibrillators, arrhythmia detectors and alarms, pacemakers, hemodialysis systems, peritoneal dialysis systems, ventilators of all types, infusion pumps, and any other devices designated as “critical” by the FDA. The above are representative examples only and are not intended to be conclusive or exclusive of any other life support device. Similarly, examples of nuclear facility applications are applications in (a) a nuclear reactor; or (b) any device designated or used in connection with the handling, processing, packaging, preparation, utilization, fabrication, alloying, storing or disposal of fissionable material or waste products thereof.

Privacy Policy

SenSyr, LLC only collects and retains information pertinent to the sale. PayPal handles our shopping cart processing, and we share transaction information with PayPal. PayPal supplies SenSyr with key information for completing and shipping your order. All information is treated as confidential.

The Paypal privacy agreement governs all PayPal mediated purchases.

SenSyr will not rent or sell your customer information to any other person or business. SenSyr will not share your customer information with any other person or business not a party to the sales transaction, except if compelled to do so by legal authority.

The customer can elect to receive or not receive future product announcements from SenSyr via e-mail. We will not fill your inbox with daily or weekly reminders. We firmly believe that such communications should be used sparingly.

Discount Policy

SenSyr offers a 10% discount on orders of 12 or more of any one item and free standard shipping on orders exceeding $300. Please contact for more information.

Sales Tax

NY State addresses are subject to 8.0% sales tax (On the entire order including the S&H charge). If you are tax exempt in New York, please FAX a copy of your tax exemption certificate to 413-803-3016 (include your telephone number). SenSyr will remove the sales tax from your order once we've verified your exemption status.

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