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Universal Preamp Board

Universal Preamp Board

Product Information
Unpopulated analog project board. Develop analog/microcontroller circuits using
surface-mount components. Supports 28-pin PIC microcontroller,  voltage reference,
8-pin single op-amps, 8-pin instrumentation amps, and more.

Nowadays it's difficult to prototype analog circuits because of the prevalence of surface mount parts. The universal preamp (UP) board allows a multitude of analog circuits to be prototyped.

There are two separate input analog amplifier chains, each starting with an instrumentation amplifier IC. There are myriad jumpers and population options that allow simple filters and amplifier circuits to be constructed. A voltage reference and amplifier section allows even more flexibility. There is a power section that allows for generation of -5V or ±10V from an input power voltage of +5V. Footprints for memory ICs, DACs, and any Microchip 28-pin microcontroller (with provisions for on-board serial programming) round out the board's capabilities.

This board is made even more versatile by the fact that you do not have to "color within the lines", so to speak. By cutting and jumpering and attaching other boards, the uses of this board are extended.

Many of the resistors and capacitors have a 0603-sized footprint. Successful use of this board requires good soldering skills, and familiarity with analog and digital circuit design.

The UP board is designed to fit inside a PACTEC HML enclosure (

Technical Info

Price: $15.00

Product Code: 00015
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