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TNG-3B Serial Interface (customized)

TNG-3B Serial Interface (customized)

Product Information
TNG-3B is a data-acquisition device for general-purpose and human-computer interfacing. TNG is pronounced 'thing' in partial reference to The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, and stands for “ totally neat gadget”.

The visual programming environment NeatTools has built-in support for TNG-3B, though it can operate with other devices. TNG-3B can operate with software other than NeatTools. Any software package that can control a standard PC serial (COM:) port can communicate with TNG-3B. That software must be able to continuously assert DTR and RTS which are RS-232 handshake lines. However, since NeatTools and TNG-3B have been designed, from the outset, to work together, there are clear advantages in doing so. As mentioned above, NeatTools is provided free.

TNG-3B is easy to install and to use. No card has to be installed on the inside of the computer. Sensors and other devices simply plug into TNG-3B. Multiple TNG-3Bs may be attached to a single computer and used simultaneously. With a single serial cable connecting a TNG to the host computer, cabling is often simplified over installed-board solutions. TNG-3B works with many USB to RS-232 adapters. A 6' 9-conductor M-F serial cable is included.

TNG-3B is an input-only device that streams analog (8 channels with 8-bit resolution) and digital data (8 lines) to a host computer connected by an RS-232 serial port at 19.2 kbps. Operating power is derived from otherwise unused RS-232 handshaking and data lines. Each input has its own connector jack: a 3.5 mm stereo phone jacks for analog inputs, and 2.5 mm mono phone jacks for digital inputs. TNG-3B is a 5 volt device.

Increasing the A/D resolution to 10 or 12 bits decreases the number of effective samples per second over 8-bit resolution at the same baud rate. Moreover, the higher A/D resolution is not supported by NeatTools.

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Price: $98.00

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Product Code: 00016
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