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TNG-3B Serial Interface

TNG-3B Serial Interface

Product Information
TNG-3B is a data-acquisition device for general-purpose and human-computer interfacing. TNG is pronounced 'thing' in partial reference to The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, and stands for "totally neat gadget".

The visual programming environment NeatTools has built-in support for TNG-3B, though it can operate with other devices. TNG-3B can operate with software other than NeatTools. Any software package that can control a standard PC serial (COM:) port can communicate with TNG-3B. That software must be able to continuously assert DTR and RTS which are RS-232 handshake lines. However, since NeatTools and TNG-3B have been designed, from the outset, to work together, there are clear advantages in doing so. As mentioned above, NeatTools is provided free.

TNG-3B is easy to install and to use. No card has to be installed on the inside of the computer. Sensors and other devices simply plug into TNG-3B. Multiple TNG-3Bs may be attached to a single computer and used simultaneously. With a single serial cable connecting a TNG to the host computer, cabling is often simplified over installed-board solutions. TNG-3B works with many USB to RS-232 adapters. A 6' 9-conductor M-F serial cable is included.

TNG-3B is an input-only device that streams analog (8 channels with 8-bit resolution) and digital data (8 lines) to a host computer connected by an RS-232 serial port at 19.2 kbps. Operating power is derived from otherwise unused RS-232 handshaking and data lines. Each input has its own connector jack: a 3.5 mm stereo phone jacks for analog inputs, and 2.5 mm mono phone jacks for digital inputs. TNG-3B is a 5 volt device.

Technical Info (.pdf)
Example Programs

Custom acquisition rate and/or A/D resolutions are available. Please refer to TNG-3B Serial Interface (customized)

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